Shitake Radio is a weekly show where you can call in and moan and groan about anything you are passionate about.

Why Shitake Radio?

Because if you talk this kind of shit in public, you could be arrested or locked up in a mental institution!

Plus, your friends, family and coworkers are tired of hearing it and have probably walked away from you already! 😀

That is why I’ve decided to host this platform, Consider it free therapy!

Every Thursday night you can call in and are free to be who you want to be, bitch about whatever you havent been allowed to bitch about, AND be heard on a non judgemental platform. And the best part? NO CENSORSHIP due to fcc regulations! 🙂

We will also be joined by Happy and Rusty Moose of Trucker Tales who will call in and share about all the assholes he encountered on the road and WHY you shoudln’t be an asshole!

…And anyone else who wants to call in and rant about whatever is burying them in shit that week!